Mobility & Physical Therapy

CrossFit Chino Hills is proud to partner with Movement Rx to provide mobility and physical therapy services onsite.


At Movement Rx, we live and breathe Movement and Mobility and specialize in working with CrossFit and other high intensity athletes. We are Doctors of Physical Therapy who are also CrossFit coaches, and we uniquely combine human performance and physical therapy to allow you to be active at the level you want while removing pain and injury risk.

Our mission is to help people get better, faster. That includes both performance (getting better) and injury or pain (getting better). Whether you are a Navy SEAL, a recreational athlete, or someone looking to simply walk without pain, we focus on improving your movement patterns, eliminating your body’s restrictions, and providing you an injury-free pathway.

How Can We Help?

Movement Rx’s Dr. Annemarie Alf, DPT, CSCS (more on her below) is available for the following:

  • Mobility and injury screens
  • Evaluations for pain, movement restrictions, or muscle imbalances
  • Treatment of pain, restrictions, and imbalances; rehab for injuries
  • Mobility education through weekly videos and bi-monthly workshops

Email her at or call our office at 877-854-1343 to determine your best course of action or to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect

  • You’ll meet Dr. Annemarie at CFLB in the mobility area for your 30 or 60 minute session.
  • Wear what you’d normally wear to CFLB – you’re probably going to sweat.
  • The first visit is an evaluation to determine the cause of any issues, develop goals, and begin treatment. If you have multiple issues (who doesn’t?) or a severe issue, we suggest the 60 minute session.
  • After each visit you will receive a personalized program to work on before the next visit.
  • This program is key to your improvement. It’s your homework, and Dr. Megan is not a lenient grader!
  • Our goal is to help you achieve in less than 4 visits what you’d normally achieve in 12-20 visits in a traditional physical therapy or chiropractor environment.
  • We are not the cheapest service around and we do not take insurance*. But you will very likely spend less with us to fix your issue than anywhere else.

*We can write you what is called a Superbill that you can submit to your health insurer. You may receive some reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan. We also accept HSA and FSA.

Annmarie AlfDr. Annemarie Alf is a natural fit at Movement Rx.  She brings a unique set of skills as a proven strength and conditioning specialist, a world class athlete, and a doctor of physical therapy.

A movement expert, Annemarie received her doctorate from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences in San Diego after nearly a decade as a sports conditioning director for a major Arizona sports performance center as well as a number of soccer and gymnastics organizations.

This combination of skills landed her an opportunity to be the first American physical therapist to work with the Chinese Olympic team at an Olympic Games.  As the Performance Physical Therapist to the Men’s and Women’s Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team she attended the 2012 London Olympic Games and provided daily evaluation and treatment of all gymnastics athletes. The Chinese gymnasts took home eight total gymnastics medals, more than any other nation.  Leading up to the Olympics, she worked in China with athletes from a number of Olympic teams, including weightlifting, track and field, wrestling, volleyball, diving, boxing, and women’s rugby.

After returning from China, Annemarie worked with a number of amateur and professional athletes at Athlete’s Performance Arizona, helping heal those with both acute and chronic conditions.

In addition to her work with Movement Rx, she is the founder of Olympus Movement and Mobility, and she continues to work with Region 1 USA Gymnastics on injury prevention and performance enhancement.

Annemarie, an athlete herself, is a National Champion Waterski Jumper, Crossfit athlete, and recently finished her first Ironman 70.3.

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