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It’s time for the CrossFit Games Open AND our next MyZone Challenge!!! 

MyZone Challenge 3.0 is a 5 Week Challenge!!! 

Feb 23rd – March 27th

This challenge will only use MEPs earned in the Green/Yellow/Red Zones (70-100%)
(MEPs are explained at the bottom)

$30 Buy-In to the Challenge if registered for the Open, $50 if not 

$149 if you do not have a MyZone Heart Rate Monitor (includes challenge entry) 

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MEPs Targets – Prizes for each benchmark reached!!!!

1000 MEPs = 1 Free Cycle Class OR Choice of Free Kill Cliff, Fit Aid or Xyience
2000 MEPs = 1 Free Cycle Class OR Choice of Free Kill Cliff, Fit Aid or Xyience
3000 MEPs = Free Open Shirt ($20 Value)
4500 MEPs = $30 Store Credit
6000 MEPs = $50 Store Credit

PLUS…. 1/2 off the next In House Comp for everyone who enters the challenge!!!!

Additional Perks

– Initial consultation to calibrate your MyZone Belt accurately, take before pictures, measurements, and discuss your goals!
– MEPs and Zones will help the trainers gauge your effort and make sure you are working out at the appropriate intensity during the class whether that is slowing down or speeding up!!
– Additional tracking via the MyZone App available on Apple’s App Store and GooglePlay.
– With the app you still earn MEPs towards the Challenge while on the go for those extra workouts you do at home or on vacation.

MyZone/MEPs Explained

– The MyZone Belt has been clinically tested to be 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine.

Based off of your Heart Rate, the Belt distinguishes between the different Zones of Intensity

– Zones are used to calculate “MEPS” (MyZone Effort Points) which create an even playing field among individuals of all fitness levels or workouts.

Let’s get started!!!  See Kate at the front desk or email info@CrossFitChinoHills.com to get more information about the program!

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