Blake Nelle

  1. How did you hear about CrossFit?
    One of my friends in high school invited me a CrossFit class at my local health club. My first workout involved power cleans and pullups, and by the 3rd round out of 5 I ran outside to the tennis court and threw-up.
  2. What is your favorite WOD?
    It’s a close call between “Fran” and “Nate,” which are very different. One is very short and the other very long and much more technical. Hspu’s and muscle ups were big weaknesses early on: Nate tells me how much I’ve improved on those movements each time I do it.
  3. Favorite exercise or lift?
  4. What would we find on your iTunes playlist?
    Rap. Always edited. Worship music and country.
  5. What do you like to do besides CrossFit?
    I really like the opposite of CrossFit: dessert and watching movies. I also enjoy outdoors stuff like hiking, skiing, and wakeboarding

Accolades: Marketing Management, B.S.; CrossFit L1

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